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MSD Enhancer Ignition Control Module Yamaha 650 701 Jet Ski 4253

For Yamaha 650 or 701 Jet Ski. High output sparks improve throttle response, starting and top end power. Factory style connectors for a direct plug-in installation. Bolt in place of the factory ignition. If you own a Yamaha with a 650 or 701 engine, this Enhancer is a necessity! The Enhancer produces a powerful spark […]

MSD Enhancer Ignition Control Module Sea Doo 800 XP GSX 95 96 Jet Ski 4255

Sea Doo 800 /’95 -’96 XP and GSX Jet Ski Models. For’95-’96 SEA-DOO® 800 XP and GSX. Programs with built in switches. Adjustable timing curve and rev-limiter. The Enhancer Ignition for the SEA-DOO® 800 (also the’95,’96, XP and GSX) uses a high speed RISC microprocessor to control all of the timing and rev limiter functions. […]